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It’s like a free ugly Delicious Library clone

It’s like a free ugly Delicious Library clone.

App sparks joy in organizing your movie collection!

Thank you. Your app has finally made me take the plunge and catalog my several thousand count DVD collection. Incredible to finally have my collection at my fingertips. No more wondering, “do I already own this DVD?” Great interface - I love the shelf view. And I also love that users are contributing to the vast database. I was shocked some of my obscure titles popped up. ONE SUGGESTION FOR THE APP THAT WOULD BE INCREDIBLY USEFUL - - please add a field to allow for custom notes. For example, I’d love to notate if any of my disks are burned as opposed to bought, or whether they are a screener copy, etc. Other than that, I’m over the moon. Well worth the money. I highly recommend the app. Keep up the great work!


This app is great. It helps me manage my collection w/EASE

Great app

This is a great app. Easy to use.

So many errors

I've got 1400+ movies to enter. Started with my 4k collection since it's only 42 titles. Every single one auto-filled incorrect info. Had to manually edit every single entry to change format to 4k. Pros: bulk scan is fast. Easy to find new cover art since default image is crap 60% of time. I'm guessing a solid week to enter collection and correct all the mistakes. Will be nice when finished. Should be cheaper since I'm doing a lot of my own cleanup

Works seamlessly

Just replaced my iCollectMovies app with Movie Database DVD My Movies. Uploaded my collection of about 1,200 movies in less than an hour.

Great App to inventory your collections

I have several sortitapps & they are very user friendly. The cost could be a little lower in price, though. The tech support was helpful and quick responding to my request for instructions to reset my password. I recommend this app for anyone inventorying their personal collections or movies, books, music, etc.

Terrific app

Scanning is flawless organizational categories or seamless and truly allows you to step away from your DVDs and pick them in the most complete library possible

Excellent for digital library

I've used this app for years. Transferred all our DVDs and Blu-rays to digital and needed somewhere to keep track of titles. The small app fee has been worth it. I can easily look up my over 300 movies titles on my iPad or iPhone.


Installed and deleted in less than half an hour. Would not scan, would not accept bar code manual entry, etc. Just would not work at all.

ONLY 10!!!

I was so excited to get this app! I started scanning all my movies to find out I can only scan 10 on the free app! Nowhere did I see there was a limit!! I have another app that was free and at least it allowed me to do 50! So disappointed!!!!

The Best

As a veteran film collector I've tried many apps throughout the years to keep my collection in line and to keep me from buying duplicate titles. Every app that I've tried before has fallen short in one or two major categories for me. This app has everything. Simply the best.

Worst Movie Manager Out There!!!

I currently use a movie manager that Sort It Apps bought not long ago. I bought an in app purchase to up load my movie list to the previous owners. Now Sort It doesn't want to honor previous purchases and wants you to download this app which doesn't work as well or look as good. If you want the full version you have to pay a ridiculous price. This app doesn't work and there are countless free movie managers with in app purchases that work and look better than this. I would have given this app 0 stars but that wasn't an option. Do not download and if you do, do not upgrade. Not Worth It!,,

Doesn't work

This app would not respond to any touches and was completely useless.

Waste of time

Don't do it. After an upgrade, half of my library was gone and they started charging for scans. Wasted so much time scanning my movies in only to have it all ruined a few months later.

Crashy McCrasherson

Normally, I love this app. It helps me see what movies I own and the ones I want to buy. However, your last update made it impossible to open. Fit it, please!


$6.00 for the iPad version and another $6.00 for the iPhone edition. Both are too high and there should be one price for IOS across all devices.


It is awesome

Menu is Not Clear and Specific

I have had two small questions since I began to use this app. The menu was of no assistance. To their defense, I finally found an email address and got a quick response to my questions. However, they need to review the content and clarity of what they call of their "menu." I am not comfortable that the large number of entries that I am inputting will "hold." A couple disappeared rather quickly; I am certain that it was not because of my computer skills. I also must mention that the $25 fee to transfer to your computer is way out of line. These issues have caused me to take time and post a low rating.

No rating yet because....

It's not letting me create a user name or search by email address. I have yet to use it so I have no review.

Worth Every Penny

I've been using this for a long time now. My Bluray collection is over 200 and growing and this app is perfect to organize them all!! Buy it, don't think about it, just buy it!!

Could be at good app but the free version is a waste of time.

I thought this might me the set of apps I would want so I downloaded the free version. Well you get what you pay for. It allowed me to scan in ten movies and now I can not load in any more. How do you test this with a limited set of movies and of course they were mostly from one series of movies. Now do I risk $15.00 dollars to buy the set of three? Also found out it will cost another $15.00 to add a second device Plus $25.00 for a computer version. Starting to talk real money for a bell and whistle excell program!

Stick with Free Version

I was very excited about this app at first, enough that I purchased the full version. Unfortunately it does not recognize that little fact. The support is very slow and the problem is still not resolved. Stick with the free version, it works fine. Save yourself a few bucks and a headache.

Finally satisfied

I had been looking for an inventory system for my moms movies. She is always loaning them out and forgetting who has what and not getting them back most of the time. This is a great app to have and am really excited to get her movie collection organized. Thank you so much for having an easy to use and manage. I'd just like to add a suggestion- to have an option to view less. For example when I want to "loan" a movie I have to scroll past all the movie details. Not a big issue but it would be easier to click/find it even faster. Maybe have the movie details a drop down? Again, thank you thank you!

Wait, I bought the app on the phone, but now I have to buy this one too?

Big downside. I paid six bucks for this exact app on the iPhone, but now I'm expected to pay six more bucks for the iPad version? There's no extra features or major advantage to the iPad app... What a rip. The best apps in the market are cross platform... You buy one you get the other. To be fair, tho, there was no promise that I would get both, so I can't say it's dishonest, just could've been made clear.

It's ok

This app is ok for what it does. I need an app that will set up by genre and alphabetical order. This one does not meet the requirement. If they were to fix this flaw, I would change my rating of this app. Just saying... Fix the app so it shows by genre and alphabetical order.....


Great app

Great way to catalogue your collection

Yes, for the free version, you get about 10 titles, but for $6 I accomplished inventorying 400+ movies, plus all the metadata and cover art! This was something I had wanted to do for years, but never had time for. With the bulk scan mode I had it done in about 2 hours. It would have been less, but some of the bar codes didn't work. But the web search function handled it, and worked really well. Very impressive. Well worth the money.

Needs link to trailers

It has everything I need but lacks just one thing my old app had a link to the trailers for the movies in our collection

I like it

So far so good I like it better than all the others I checked out

Description not clear

You get 8 movie scans before you have to purchase an upgrade.

Won't scan

All of a sudden, won't scan barcodes. Also, when the iPad is in Horizontal position, the camera X and Y axis does not change. Need some fixes.

Enjoy the features and flexibility

This is the second Movie Database App that I invested in. The first did not allow any flexibility with changing information once the UPC barcode was scanned. This app allows me to update, correct or change data for all fields. It has personal settings including loaned to, ratings and storage location.


I had already bought the pro and they made me buy it again

Collectors dream come true

If you have a collection of movies this is the app you need. Easy to enter data. Easy to edit. Easy to search. Just plain easy to use.

Excellent App

If you've got a good size movie collection and you're looking for an app to catalog it, this is a great app. Easy to input (scan & search) & easy to edit. Would definitely recommend giving it a try!


This is a easy to use app , to organize your video collection

Stay away from app... It is a scam!

Pay for the app, and each time you want to edit an entry, you have to buy the app again. After countless attempts to contact creators, with no response, I have given up! BEWARE! I cannot believe the App Store allows these type of scammers to post their product!

Another great app from these developers!

This app allows you to record many aspects of your media, more than I could use. I admit it would have been nice to have some user defined fields but I was able to use the fields given. Customer support was great. They addressed the few issues I had quickly and accurately. I like the feature of doing a web search for the video before I started to enter the data myself.

Movie app

I ❤️❤️this app!! I have all my movies recorded


So far app is working great have added over 340 with no issues 👍👍

Can't get angrier

iPad Air. Up to date iOS. 252 movies in my library. Paid full price for this app and it will not load. Has done this since the update before last. When it does load, it freezes the screen then closes. Fix it, or refund my money.


It is absolutely worth the 5.99! I am highly impressed with how easy it is to operate, and manage. I will recommend it to all my friends and family and anyone I come across lol! Absolutely amazing! 😀😀😀😀😀A++++++++!

Buggy since iOS 8

This decent movie collection organizer has exhibited bugs since I upgraded my iPad Air to iOS 8. Most notably, when doing an online search to add a new title the app always chooses the first title on the screen (usually a Blu Ray) no matter what title you have chosen. Sort It, please fix, it's been a month since the new OS release!

Don't Buy

Nothing pisses me off more than a product wasting my time. If they would have posted that you can only upload a few titles, then you have to upgrade (of course for a large fee) to premium package I would not have wasted my time.


I have entered & scanned over 250 movies and all seems well so far. I purchased the iPhone version (I have a 4S) and everything I entered and scanned has effortlessly transferred to the free iPad version. I can view my database on my iPad2 perfectly. So far I'm happy with the purchase.

Appear then re-appear

Great concept, but you REALLY need to get the bugs out.


Really liked the app for a while. Worked great gave all the information I wanted. Over 300+ movies entered. Opened app yesterday and all but 30 Have disappeared And some of the ones that are there I never entered myself. They will need to really prove themselves for me to trust this app again. I emailed them. I did get a response but it was basically, "oh, sorry". They gave some excuse And said I would just have to enter it all again and hope it doesn't happen again. Don't bother.

Expensive and annoying

I HATE THIS APP. Don't get fooled. Everything, every feature costs $$$ for an upgrade. I've been using it for about 2 years. 290 films later ... and I feel kinda stuck. I PAID EXTRA for the camera scan feature. This stops working regularly. There is a restore in app purchase function ... It just doesn't work. Every time I try to use this dog it attempts to get me to "Upgrade to Pro" At this point this is the most expensive app I own and I refuse to spend another dime. Look elsewhere.

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